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Related post: �sberg KH. "900 ton l�kemedel per �r l�mnas tillbaka till apoteken: En enk�tstudie om l�kemedelskassation [900 Tons of Drugs a Year Be Returned to Pharmacies: A survey of why medicines are returned to pharmacies]." Lakartidningen 2004, 101(10):898-900. Asboe D, Daniels D, Erskine D, and Boag FC. "Wasted drugs in HIV infections and AIDS [letter]." British Medical Journal 1992, 304(6825):508-509. Aschmann SM, Arey J, Atkinson R, and Simonich SL. "Atmospheric Lifetimes and Fates of Selected Fragrance Materials and Volatile Model Compounds." Environmental Science & Technology 2001, 35(18):3595-3600; doi:10.1021/es010685i. ASCP. "ASCP Policy Statement on the Return and Reuse of Medications in Long-term Care Facilities." American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, Docket EPA-HQ-OW-2006-0771, DCN 04873, 11 July, 2003, 3 pp; available: http://www.ascp.com/resources/policy/upload/ASCP Policy Statement on Return & Reuse.pdf. ASCP. 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